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Face Cosmetics

Natural ingredients for radiant and healthy facial skin.

Light day cream lilac aroma...
21.50 лв.
Ex Tax:17.92 лв.
The delicate jasmine helps to renew and nourish the skin of the face...
28.40 лв.
Ex Tax:23.67 лв.
Indrische's antioxidant facial serum, enriched with Coenzyme Q10 and bio oils, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin...
32.80 лв.
Ex Tax:27.33 лв.
Carrot eye cream moisturizes the gentle area around the eyes...
19.90 лв.
Ex Tax:16.58 лв.
Lip Balm Sweet Mint - Refreshes and softens lips...
8.50 лв.
Ex Tax:7.08 лв.
Lip balm Lilac's fragrance softens and nourishes the lips, while the aroma of mint soothes and balances...
8.50 лв.
Ex Tax:7.08 лв.
U-La-La lipstick nourishes and softens lips with all-natural ingredients...
10.00 лв.
Ex Tax:8.33 лв.
An inflamed nose conditioner, enriched with Karate and Calendula oils, relieves pain and helps restore skin...
14.80 лв.
Ex Tax:12.33 лв.
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