Do you want to feel good in your own skin?

Use natural handmade cosmetics, created in Bulgaria with attitude and care for you. We present you extremely high quality and effective natural cosmetics Handmaids, based on bouquets of organic ingredients. The secret of these products is the combination of the power of essential oils with other diverse natural components to achieve maximum potency and effectiveness.

This botanical magic gives us the wise lesson that "Less is actually more." In these small jars is collected the essence and power of nature - cold pressed essential oils, floral waters and extracts. The care for nature is also evident in the minimalist package, because the main belief of the company is that resources should not be wasted. Also, all products in the cosmetic series are Cruelty Free, certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and have not been tested on animals.

Let us tell you about some of the most popular natural products that Babina Rakla presents to you.

Fresh Jasmine Day Cream

The delicate texture with a gentle scent of jasmine helps to soften, renew and refresh the delicate skin.

Made with quality natural ingredients - extracts of jasmine, evening primrose, argan and rose water, this cream helps to regenerate and nourish the skin and fight free radicals. A favorite of ladies with mature skin, Fresh Jasmine cream is suitable for daily use, moisturizes, protects and makes the skin younger and radiant.

Immerse yourself in the gentle scent of fresh jasmine and allow your skin to regain its youthful glow.

Antioxidant face serum Indrishe

Immerse yourself in the soft scent of Indrishe - a sweet rose with delicate hints of mint, and allow your senses to relax and unwind. Indrishe oil balances and soothes the skin, improves its elasticity and helps it to recover faster, while preventing the formation of wrinkles.

This elixir for the skin contains a bouquet of natural ingredients and organic certified oils that will take care of your skin at night. Rich in coenzyme Q10, which helps synthesize new collagen and elastin. Contains natural antioxidants - pomegranate extract - a powerful natural antioxidant, rosehip oil, which promotes tissue regeneration, jojoba oil - which fights the appearance of fine wrinkles, as well as hemp, avocado and argan oils.

The Indrishe has great natural power, and folk wisdom whispers that this wonderful herb attracts health and well-being, lifts the spirits and protects from negative energies.


Eye cream Carrot

Have you heard of the miraculous power of carrots to regenerate the skin? In combination with rosehip oil, which has a proven anti-wrinkle effect, Carrot eye cream is a powerful tool for refreshing and hydrating the delicate area around the eyes.

It also contains jojoba oil and Bulgarian rose water, which nourish and help reveal the natural glow of the skin.


Balm for sore nose

In the colder autumn-winter months we are inevitably threatened by colds and viral diseases. Their most common symptom is a runny nose, which brings us discomfort and inflammation of the nose. Take advantage of the wonderful Inflamed Nose Balm and take care of yourself this winter.

This balm was born with the idea to find a really effective and natural remedy for unclogging the nose, relieving pain and inflammation and healing the skin in the nasal area.

Contains tiger oil (thanks to camphor, which helps to unclog the nose), shea butter and marigold flowers, cold-pressed olive oil, beeswax and carefully selected essential oils that give it a fresh and sweet feeling when smeared, and this allows its easy application in and around the nose

And Yes, It really works! Breathe easier, overcome the inflammation and be with healthy and beautiful skin!

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