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Beautiful, charismatic jewelry from the Rhodope collection. All crystals and minerals are collected with great care, by hand from the bowels of the ancient Rhodope Mountains. This charges the jewelry with special energy and each ornament has its own, unique look. Crystal jewelry carries the power, strength and spirit of the ancient Rhodopes.

Jewelry with crystals and minerals has healing powers, help us to be protected from negative influences, to be healthier, calmer and more peaceful, attract love, joy and abundance in our lives.

The best way to choose the right crystal jewelry for you or your friend or loved one is to trust your inner feeling and intuition. Each crystal has pronounced strengths and properties that are good to know when choosing.

Jewelry with Mountain Crystal

The mountain crystal, which the ancient Greeks likened to ice (Greek: κρύσταλλος - ice), is a transparent, pure and colorless crystal. It has the power to purify a person's soul and body, brings balance and connects body and mind into a harmonious whole.

It provides clarity of mind, improves mental abilities and concentration, and helps us fulfill our intentions. The rock crystal is a universal stone, it can be programmed for any use, as it emits all color vibrations in the light spectrum. It can help with burns, headaches, fatigue or eye problems. This crystal is a powerful healer, gives strength to the body to fight what torments it, to harmonize and balance. It is no coincidence that in the past it was used as protection against black magic.

The mountain crystal is connected on an energy level with the zodiac signs Capricorn, Leo and Gemini.

Jewelry with Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline provides energy protection from negative vibrations. Today's fast-paced, overcrowded and stressful world inevitably affects our emotional state. Tourmaline protects us from these negative energy effects, eliminates negative energy, fear and grief and provides powerful protection. Increases self-confidence and mental energy, improves understanding and communication. It helps us achieve a state of happiness, balance and peace.

It is associated with the zodiac signs Gemini and Libra.

Jewelry with Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pale pink, translucent stone. This is the stone of love.

It brings us the ability to forgive, to get along with others, to be compassionate. Heals the heart, supports the work of the circulatory system, removes blockages. It is used to attract love in life, achieve happiness, harmony and unconditional love. Improves self-esteem and heals emotional wounds, removes negative feelings such as anger and hatred.

It is associated with the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus. 

Jewelry with Amethyst

Amethyst is famous as the spiritual stone, it is associated with intuition. It has many healing and mystical powers - it provides protection, purifies from negative emotions, calms the mind, improves sleep, eliminates stress and anxiety. It helps us control negative thoughts and makes us more perceptive in business relationships. Attracts abundance, prosperity in life, facilitates communication and understanding with others.

It is associated with the zodiac signs Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn. 

Jewelry with Citrine

The name citrine comes from the French citron (lemon) because of its yellow lemon color.

Citrine brings light and positive energy, promotes growth and abundance. Citrine is known as the stone of Luck, it promotes success especially in business and trade. This stone does not store any negative energy. It brings us a sense of happiness and light, helps us see the possibilities in our lives.

It is associated with the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.

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