How to Choose a Scarf with Bulgarian Motifs?

At, we are proud to present to you the most diverse selection of scarves with Bulgarian motifs, crafted from various materials, each with its unique style and beauty. Whether you are looking for an elegant gift or want to enrich your wardrobe with a few exciting scarves, to make your choice easier, we have divided the products into separate subcategories based on the material.

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves symbolize sophistication and luxury. Their delicate texture and sheen make them perfect for special occasions or as an elegant accessory for everyday wear.

Chiffon Scarves

Chiffon is an exceptionally lightweight and ethereal material, providing a delicate and airy look to the shawls. They are perfect for summer days or for adding grace and style to your appearance.

Cotton Scarves

Cotton scarves are practical and comfortable for everyday use. They are lightweight and crafted from 100% cotton, a natural, breathable material, making them suitable for various seasons.

Fine Wool Scarves

Fine wool scarves are warm and cozy, ideal for colder days. Their fine yet dense material and unique design make them both comfortable and stylish.

Fleece Scarves

Fleece scarves are warm and snug, perfect for winter chill. These endless shawls are designed to be wrapped around your neck twice, providing not only warmth but also style to your look.

Bandanas with Bulgarian Motifs

If you prefer a more unconventional style, bandanas with Bulgarian motifs are the perfect accessory. They are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways, giving you the freedom to express your individuality.

How to Choose a Scarf with Bulgarian Motifs According to the Season?

For summer, select a scarf made of chiffon, silk, or cotton. These materials are light and airy and will protect you from the sun. For winter, opt for a scarf made of fine wool or polar fleece. These materials offer warmth and comfort.

How to Choose a Scarf with Bulgarian Motifs According to the Occasion?

For formal events, choose a silk or chiffon scarves with classic motifs. For informal occasions, go for a scarf with a more interesting design or colorful motifs.

How to Choose a Scarf with Bulgarian Motifs According to Size?

The size of the shawl depends on how you want to wear it. If you plan to wear it as a shawl, the optimal size would be 90/90 cm or 140/140 cm. If you intend to use it as a neck decoration, you can prefer a shawl with dimensions of 160/45 cm or 85/85 cm.

How to Choose a Scarf with Bulgarian Motifs According to Color?

The choice of scarf color depends on your style and preferences. If you want to make a bold statement, choose a shawl with bright colors or contrasting motifs. If you want to create a more delicate look, opt for a shawl in neutral colors with more subtle motifs.

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