We have gathered for you a wonderful collection of original silver jewelry with Bulgarian motifs. The silver jewelry is made of high quality 925 silver, and the models have exquisite shapes, decorated with beautiful Bulgarian motifs.

In Grandma's chest you will find original jewelry made in Bulgaria, which will bring notes of brilliance and charm to your day. Here you will find jewelry - a gift for a special person, jewelry for her, jewelry for him, as well as an unforgettable gift for your foreign friends who you will impress with this wonderful gift from Bulgaria. Our silver jewelry with folklore elements are stylish, authentic and always relevant and desired gift.

In the original Silver Jewelry with Motifs rom the Embroidery, tradition meets modern and the result is a pure sample of beauty and elegance, which can satisfy even the most refined taste. Emphasize the beauty of your lady with this modern reading of tradition, which interweaves the traditional symbols in the modern jewel.

Let us immerse you in the world of silver, telling you about some of our most popular and sought-after models of silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry for ladies

Albena silver jewelry collection - silver medallion, silver earrings and silver bracelet.

Let us tell you a little more why we chose the name Albena. Albena is one of the most impressive and beautiful Bulgarian dramas, which without a drop of hesitation can be compared with masterpieces such as Romeo and Juliet, Carmen, Othello. This is our Bulgarian story about the tragic fate of the great Love. Insidiousness and love are intertwined in this incredible Bulgarian drama, and above all stands the immensely beautiful and infinitely magnetic Albena.

Such are the Jewelry Albena - magnetic and very Bulgarian.

Silver jewelry collection Balkana - original silver earrings, bracelet and locket, which you can take individually or as a set. Extremely spectacular jewelry, decorated with small decorative pendants, called "pendars".

Pendars are ornaments in the shape of coins, which are tied on strings or placed on earrings, belts or various accessories of the women's costumes. Once upon a time, people have said "A girl can't do without jingling pendants." i.e. she will not be able to find a husband.

These unique jewels we called Balkana because they remind us of the breathtaking beauty of the Bulgarian mountains (Balkan), of the whispering centuries-old secret forests and the streams, in whose song we can hear the charming sound of the pendars.

Silver ornaments Drop - exquisite teardrop-shaped silver earrings and a medallion decorated with embroidery motifs.

Beautiful as drops these ornaments will make your lady even more charming and stylish. You can take the jewelry individually or as a set and make a truly remarkable gift.

Silver jewelry for men

Our proposal for the gentlemen is a Silver medallion with a Rosette from Pliska - one of the most significant Bulgarian symbols.

The rosette from Pliska is a world-famous medieval bronze artifact, extremely important for Bulgarian history. It is a symbol of the ancient history and greatness of Bulgaria.

It was found during archeological excavations in the old Bulgarian capital Pliska. It is a medallion in the shape of a star with seven rays, on which are depicted two proto-Bulgarian runic signs. In the middle of the obverse there is an ear for a string, and on the other side is carved the sign IYI - the symbol of the genus Dulo.

There are various hypotheses about the purpose of the ancient rosette - the earliest theory considers it as part of a horse harness, and later it is hypothesized that its rays are associated with the seven days of the week, the seven radiant gods, the seven planets known in antiquity, and the rosette itself served as a magical instrument for performing divinations and rituals.

Silver Set Strength consists of a bracelet, a ring and cuffs.

The bracelet is made of black knitted thread with a silver plate with an element of Bulgarian embroidery. The same motifs are depicted on the ring and cuffs.

Made to carry self-confidence, strength and self-confidence, Strength silver jewelry is an excellent gift for a special man.

The qualities of silver

Let's tell you a little more about what 925 silver is and why is preferred to pure silver for making jewelry. 925 silver is a quality jewelry alloy, which consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% added copper, which gives additional strength and durability to the jewelry. It is the added copper that makes the jewelry more durable without affecting their beautiful silvery-white luster.

Why choose silver jewelry?

First of all, silver is proven to be hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation. It is safe to wear for a long time, which is extremely important especially for the earrings that are in direct contact with our skin and can cause an allergic, inflammatory reaction.

In addition, 925 sterling silver jewelry is very strong, scratch resistant and if you take good care of them they  can beautify you for life.

Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, the 925 silver can be transformed into a variety of shapes and elements, many models can be sculpted, from which you can choose exactly your jewelry that will suit your style and taste.

Shine with the charm and brilliance of the original Bulgarian jewelry with motifs from Bulgarian embroidery and folklore elements, which Babina Rakla BG presents for you! Browse all our silver jewelry in the Silver Jewelry category.

You can combine these delicate Silver Jewels with Bulgarian Motifs with the Unique Scarves with Embroidery.