Help !!! I'm looking for a gift for a woman!

You have to choose a gift for a woman - for your best friend, or a loved one, but have no idea what to give?

Do you need something original and fresh but you blocked and couldn't make up nothing interesting?

Congratulations because you are in the right place! We will share with you 10 great suggestions, each of which will please your lovely lady.

Offer Number 1: Beautiful Jewel

The choice here is overwhelming, but I will allow myself to draw your attention to the original and very up-to-date jewelry with Bulgarian Embroidery. Check out the Bracelets and Necklaces collections and make a truly Original Gift.
If you search for something more modern, check out our bracelets with up-to-date art designs here.

Offer number 2 - something sweet and lovely - Chocolate!

You know, we women love the sweet temptations and we will never, never get angry at a pretty box of nice chocolate candy. And if you want your gift to shine with originality, bet on something more interesting - chocolate with roses. A melting chocolate temptation that brings together the aromatic charm of the Bulgarian roses. Which lady will resist this taste?

Third place in our ranking is for ... yes, you guessed - a beautiful Bouquet.

We women just adore giving us flowers.

Opt for non standard flower, with a spectacular basket or a more interesting, fresh look... and the gift is ready.

Our Number 4 is  a beautiful, airy and stylish Scarf with Bulgarian Motives.

Here again the choice is great. My advice is to research your lady's interests and choose a scarf with the appropriate items. You can check out the beautiful Scarves with Embroidery of Babina Rakla BG (Grandmother's Chest) here.

Number 5 - A cup of coffee or tea with a catchy and / or sweet message to express your thoughts and feelings to your beloved ones. You can order a glass with a personalized message - your picture and specially selected text for the occasion.

Number 6 - T-shirt with inscription-message. Here you can again look for fresh designs in the virtual space or create your own custom T-shirt with a picture and a fictional by you inscription.

Our seventh proposal is a Golden Rose.

This is a truly impressive gift - a handmade rose with a luxury gift box.

And if the ordinary rose is beautiful but not lasting, this gold-plated 24-leaves gold rose will gladden your special lady's heart for a long time and remain a beautiful memory of your love and appreciation.

Extremely original and beautiful gift!

Number 8 - Gift a Star.

If you have being already given almost everything, it is time for a new generation of gifts - name a star with your lady's name and she will be fascinated. Make her happy with own star - the best gift in the entire Galaxy.

We left number 9 in our small ranking for Quality Natural Bulgarian Cosmetics full of scents and natural ingredients.

Every woman loves good cosmetics and here the Winnie the Pooh rule "The more, the more" applies. With number 5 you will not go wrong, but bet on quality products - check out this natural cosmetics for inspiration and ideas.

The last offer, but not least: a Book

In fact, there is no better gift than a good book. The person who is giving for a present a good book makes wise choices and has good taste and style. In addition, you can write a personal dedication that will make the gift even stronger.

Whatever gift you choose, give it with a smile and an inspiring wish!