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Oak barrel from Vracheski oak 10 l

Oak barrel from Vracheski oak 10 l
Oak barrel from Vracheski oak 10 l
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Oak barrel from Vracheshki oak 10 l
Suitable for storage and aging of brandy and wine. The barrel is not varnished. It also has a wooden faucet and a stand.

Recommendations: In order to use the liquid storage barrel, it must be soaked in water for at least one week. In the beginning it will leak water, because the wood from which it is made has dried for 2 years. Change the water every day for best results.

The barrel can be used to age brandy, but as it is known - the new barrel gives off aroma and color faster than the old one - keep this in mind and check the aroma and color of the brandy after the first month.

If brandy or wine is to be stored in the barrel for a long time, it absorbs moisture from the stored liquid and the amount of liquid will decrease. The rate of moisture uptake depends on where the liquid barrel is stored - if stored in a cellar or basement, the liquid will drop more slowly.


Weight: 6.00 kg.

Dimensions: 34/28/23 cm.
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