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Silver Buckles Set

Silver Buckles Set
Silver Buckles Set
Silver Buckles Set
Silver Buckles Set
Silver Buckles Set
Silver Buckles Set
Silver Buckles Set
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Silver Pafti Set

The size of the buckles varies from very small, the size of a coin-sized tile, to those measuring 20-25 cm in diameter or length. In their shape they are oblong, rectangular, round or with the characteristic shape of palmettes with curled up ends. In the buckles you can find plant ornaments - flowers, leaves, bunches, fruits, braids, and typically Bulgarian animal motifs - peacocks, pigeons, two-headed birds (two-headed eagle), snakes, sun and moon. Besides them, on some buckles you can see whole biblical scenes - Christmas, Annunciation, Resurrection.

Jewelry was seen as a means of protection from evil forces. Buckles are one of the most ancient symbols of light, for good, for royal glory, as well as a symbol of the sun. Most cultures revere the sun as the supreme cosmic force - a life force that allows everything to grow and grow. As a source of HEAT, the sun symbolizes vitality, passion and youth. As a source of LIGHT, it embodies enlightenment. In some traditions, the sun is the Universal Father.

The mysterious moon has always captivated the human imagination. Her radiant presence in the night sky is a symbol of HOPE and ENLIGHTENMENT. Like the sun, the moon is often associated with birth, death and resurrection. The waters are subject to it, so it is a symbol of FERTILITY. Mistress of dreams, the moon is associated with immersion. Her qualities, close to the feminine, bind her to the Mother Goddess.

Silver Jewelry, bearers of the Bulgarian Spirit and Tradition, made for you by Omaya jewelry.
Magnificent silver ornaments inspired by history and recreating Bulgarian antique and Revival jewelry.
Made of 925 silver.


Silver earrings with English clasp; 1.7 / 2.6 cm.

The necklace is made of 925 silver, the length is 50.00 cm + extension;

925 Silver bracelet.

The terms for production are from 3 to 14 days.

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