Have you ever looked for an interesting and original gift at the last minute, but to came across only boring and uninteresting offers?

If you need a stylish, emotional and soul-filled gift, if you want to express something more with your gift - check out these gorgeous Scarves with Images of Bulgarian Folk Embroidery.

The designs are made with a lot of attention to detail and love for traditions. The materials you can choose from are 100% natural silk (soft and ethereal), chiffon (light and pleasant to the touch), cotton (satim cotton with light shinethin wool (you must be chic even in the colder months).

Our newest offers are the Cotton Scarves with Motives from Еmbroidery: the models Zhivka, Summer, Yellow, Blue and Red Kanatitsa.

The scarves Kanatitsa Blue and Kanatitsa Yellow are one of the our newest and extremely  impressive models made for temperamental and brave women with their own style.

Inspired by the deep blue of the forest violet and the fresh yellow of the mountain primrose, these scarves will bring smiles and mood to the day of their possessor.

One of the most loved and sought after models is the elegant Veska The Sea scarf with Bulgarian motifs from the Sofia and Sandanski regions, executed in the fresh blue range.

It goes well with our blue bracelet Boryana, decorated with Motives from Bulgarian Embroidery.

Our other favorite pattern is Zhivka - fresh, colorful and enchanting. Mottled with motifs from the Samokov region, it is also my favorite model.

Choose chiffon or silk and make sure you choose a wonderful and original gift.

In the slightly darker range is a Donka scarf, decorated with motifs Svilenitsa from from Sofia Region.

In general, people choose it for more conservative ladies, but as you know, it's all a matter of personal preference and taste. You can make an interesting combination with a bracelet Rumyana, which has similar folklore motifs.

If you are unsure which scarf to choose, you need advice or clarification, do not hesitate to call 0887444322 and we will try to help you. You can ask which scarves and bracelets are combined and make a set that will delight your beautiful lady.

You can see all scarves in the category Scarves with Bulgarian Motifs.

Wear and Gift with Health!

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