The Month of Love and Wine which together make a great combination has already came.

Whether on February 14th, you will celebrate The Valentine's Day, The Wine Day and Trifon Zarezan, or like me, both of them, you will have to think of a nice romantic gift for your loved one or a gift appropriate for wine lovers. Therefore, we have prepared some fresh ideas for original gifts for St. Valentine and Trifon Zarezan.

If you bet on the classic Valentine's Card, then let it be special and handmade with a lot of love to show your attitude towards your loved one.

Beautiful jewelry - necklaces with bunnies and mouses in love- unique, handmade jewelry made especially for you beloved ones.

T-Shirts for Couples and Lovers - T-shirts with romantic or catchy messages for Her and Him.

Undoubted classics and one of our most favorite gifts are our ethereal Scarves with Motives of Embroideries - a modern read on a traditional Bulgarian Embroidery.

The Beautiful Bracelets with Motives form Bulgarian Embroidery will bring freshness and are original accent to the outfit  of every lady.

Rhodope jewelry charges with positive energy and is specially crafted and balanced by a Reiki specialist to bring flows of health, love and prosperity to you and your loved one.

Cups for lovers in order to sip on with a smile from their morning coffee.

Dear ladies, we know how difficult it is for you at the moment, because let's just say it- choosing a gift for a man is a very difficult task. Ladies are easy - scarves, jewelry, flowers, greeting card, but men are another matter and choosing a good men gift is a real torture sometimes…

Our suggestions for the gentlemen are Leather Bracelet with a lamella with an Bulgarian ornament

and a Medallion with an Ancient Bulgarian Symbol.

Finally, we offer wine lovers and celebrators Trifon Zarezan a Wooden Box of Wine with carved decoration in which to put a wonderful bottle of wine of your choice and to amaze your mate with class and attitude.

Add a spectacular felt heart to your gift box and make your Valentine's Day gift perfect.

For more ideas, check out our Valentine's Day category. Whatever happens on this day, do not go home empty handed, even if you only take one flower - it is important to give it with a smile and love!